Babysport is a center for supporting development in babies and young children and also for recognizing early development problems. At our center we offer various individual therapies. We have services available from physiotherapists, speech therapists, special education teachers and occupational therapists. We also help support the development of childrens social skills and the development of exercise habits in small exercise and music classes.

Services provided by Babysport

1) Babies from the second month of life onward are available to receive individual physiotherapy:

  • delayed motor development, reluctance to lie on their belly for exercise,
  • asymmetry of body sides (e.g. looks more to one side, asymmetry of body trunk, preference of one hand when grasping, crawling with one side of the body or using only hands),
  • spastic (too high) or hypotonic (too low) muscle tone,
  • hip dysplasia.

For toddler individual physiotherapy, we expect children who walk awkwardly, fall or stumble frequently, sit with a humped spine, walk on their toes, have strong bowlegs or knock-knees.

2) Our physiotherapists also deal with children with various postural problems, orthopedic, neurological or rheumatological diseases

3) Rehabilitation service for children with special needs

4) Nutrition advisor

5) We expect children from the age of 4 months onwards for group gymnastics and music lessons