Ülemiste Eye Centre

Here at our specialised centre we take care of your eyes.

We perform eye tests and, if necessary, can issue prescriptions for new glasses during an appointment with an optometrist. We also measure eye pressure and carry out ophthalmic and eye base examinations with pupil expansion. We recommend eye tests and dry-eye consultations for all office-based workers. Our experienced optometrists can advise you on what kind of glasses you should choose depending on the nature of your work. If you suffer from dry eyes, we can test the amount of tear fluid your eyes produce and advise you on the use of eye drops accordingly.

Check-ups with an ophthalmologist are designed for patients who have already been diagnosed with eye problems or who have common conditions such as diabetes, which requires continuous monitoring of the condition of their eyes. People who have a history of eye disorders in their families (such as glaucoma or eyelid limb) are also welcome to come in to our centre to have any changes diagnosed and commence treatment.

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